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About Us

Joyce Music Center is located in Little Neck, New York and was established in August 2015.  Our faculty comes from various musical backgrounds and all are enthusiasts of music teaching.

 Our team is professionally trained to provide high quality music instruction to young and old.  The center is designed to create high standards in a comfortable and relaxed environment for our students with quality pianos and soundproof walls.

Our goal is to bring your child to musical success in the future. We believe that the key of success in music learning involves the teacher, child and parent.  Each individual plays an important part throughout the learning process.  The teacher serves as a role model, the child contributes the learning ability while parents show support for their child's interest by encouraging them every step of the way.

Through this learning process, students will learn skills that will be useful for learning their instrument of choice and invaluable for living a happy, productive life.  The philosophy of our school is that one is never too young or too old to learn music and that today is the best day to begin.

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Our Mission

Music can be a beautiful and calming way to express profound thoughts and inspire greatness in so doing. Our center is designed to provide music education that is tailored to inspire such greatness by meeting individual needs with a wide variety of classes custom tailored to each student’s unique needs.

We provide a variety of instrumental classes from playing music to music history classes. Our instructional goal encourages students to learn creativity, higher order thinking, and a genuine love of and appreciation for music.

While most children are not born with innate musical performance genius, a long-term time commitment and daily discipline can cultivate talent in those who are willing to take the first step in their musical education journey.

Now, it’s your opportunity to let our dedicated, experienced instructors assist you or your child in taking the first step in cultivating extraordinary musical talent...talent that will last a lifetime.

Joyce Ng
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