Our Programs


Joyce Music Center ensures high quality teaching in individual and group settings for all ages. For individual lessons, our school provides 30 minutes and 45 minute weekly sessions. Group lesson duration is 50 to 60 minutes depending on the course taken.

Music for Little Mozarts

A unique piano curriculum that is specifically designed to instruct preschoolers from four to six years old. This course is written by Christine H. Barden, Gayle Kowalchyk, and E. L. Lancaster.

It is an age-appropriate course for preschoolers that guide children through a comprehensive approach to musical learning.

There are four levels in this series and new musical concepts are introduced in each level of the course. This course is highly recommended for children prior to taking private lessons.

Piano Duet Fun

This course is one hour per week and is recommended for students who are currently enrolled in private lessons and who have are at least intermediate level in piano.

Piano Duet Fun gives the opportunity for students to experience four-hands performance during the entire course. Students are encouraged to perform four hands at the end of the semester.

Never Too Late for Seniors

Never too late to learn piano! This class is designed for seniors ages 60 and above who did not have time or opportunity to learn piano in their younger years.

This program is offered twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. This is a semi-private lesson and is 30 minutes in length.

Rhythm Training

Need to improve your rhythmic skills? This course is recommended for students to

• Improve their skills in sight-reading speed
• Develop their musical ear
• Develop their music dictation ability

Students will enjoy this 45-minute lesson with rhythmic movement, music games, rhythm quizzes and more.

ABRSM Theory

This course is prepared for students who wish to take the ABRSM theory examination.

Students who are enrolled in the ABRSM practical exam are encouraged to enroll in this course to improve their knowledge and understanding of musical skills.